Las Vegas #1 Club Kid Collective... re-WORK-ed

JUly 25/10:30/ODDFELLOWS

Category is FRUIT OF THE LOOM🍇👙
🍓It’s the ripe time to show off peachy keen cheeks, bold banana hammocks and berry bright bloomers. Come flaunt your fierce fruity ‘tude with the most flavorful characters Downtown.

🍍Deejay Dreamcast
Founder of Bay Area drag rave Resident Shevil. He cultivates a diverse, nostalgic and aggressively queer sound harkening back to Y2K Pop and video games while injecting it with a timeless sense of warehouse energy.

🍐Lion Eyes
Nickel ****ing Beer Night honcho, cultivator of sweet and full body A-grade beats.

🍋Lynn Troller Drag Performance
A Banana, (She, Her, Hers) born out of the idea that life is to short to just be one thing, especially dull, boring, & simple. She aspires to inspire the uninspired and spread jolly belly laughs to everybody.

🍎Aaron Marco Live
His music is honest, sincere, and set in a fanciful reality of everyday queer life. Now residing in Los Angeles, Aaron actively writes and performs his music in the booming queer scene throughout the city.

🍈Homegrown DJs A.C. Esme & Brock G

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